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SMCW: Moodle 3.9 Basic Training for Beginners

This course offers a basic knowledge into the Moodle 3.9 Learning Management System.

The difficulty level is "Beginner."

On completion of the course, the student will be able to

  1. Create and log into his/her Moodle account, edit username and password and account information
  2. Create a screen-recorded video of one's powerpoint presentation 
  3. Create a Moodle Lesson
  4. Enroll faculty in the Moodle Course
  5. Converting his/her educational content into a SCORM compliant file format
  6. Learn the use of BIG BLUE BUTTON as a modern tool for live teaching and video conferencing
  7. Design assignments, create question banks, grade students and evaluate student performances


This is part I of MOODLE training course for Delegates. Part I introduces participants to the MOODLE interface as seen by students. Participants will get familiar with the layout, undertake lessons, complete assignments, answer quiz sessions, take part in chat sessions, participate in forum discussions. Participants will also be introduced to concepts of blended learning and will undertake assignments given out after blended learning lessons. Course commences 10 Dec 2018