Short Answer Quest                                                  

1.      A 25 year old woman complains of severe pain in abdomen, photosensitivity, constipation, abnormal behavior and seizures. On examination Faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. Biochemical investigations showed high porphobilinogen (PBG).

     a.       What is the probable diagnosis?

    b.      Why did the patient have these symptoms?

    c.       What are the biochemical investigations required?

2.      Explain why von-gierke’s disease presents with hyperuricemia.

3.      What is lactic acidosis? Write a note on Cori’s Cycle.

4.      A 36 Years old woman was brought to emergency room complaining of dizziness. She had missed her dinner and breakfast. She had also started following a rigorous exercise regime to lose weight.  Plasma glucose = 43 mg/dL.

      a.       Give the probable Diagnosis

      b.      What measures must be taken for managing the condition?

     c.       Mention two other causes for the above condition?

    d.      What is the normal fasting plasma glucose concentration?

   e.       What advice should be given to the patient?

5.      TCA is an amphibolic pathway. Giving examples defend how this statement is true.                         

6.      Diet prescription for Diabetes mellitus and Atherosclerosis.                                                                      

7.      Describe the products of HMP shunt pathways and its significance.   

8.      Mucopolysachharides

9.      Dietary fibers and their clinical significance


 Long Answer Question (LAQ)                                                    

1.     Discuss the synthesis and breakdown of glycogen. Write a note on its regulation. Add a note on glycogen storage disorders

2.     Discuss how blood glucose is regulated.

3. Discuss the regulatory role of PFK1, glucokinase and glycogen phosphorylase in carbohydrate metabolism     

4. Describe the process of gluconeogenesis